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Recycling Your Waste

Waste electrical goods range from hairdryers to washing machines and make up the fastest growing waste stream in the UK.

In one year the amount of electrical waste we create in the UK would fill the new Wembley 6 times!

This is a lot of electrical waste! So to reduce the amount of electrical items going to landfill the government has introduced some new regulations called.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

Aquatics Online Limited is classed as an Equipment Distributor under these regulations

As an Equipment distributor :
We sell electrical and electronic equipment to end users and therefore we must:

  • Provide information on the environmental impacts of electrical and electronic equipment and WEEE, reasons for separating WEEE from other waste, the meaning of the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol and how users can safely deposit WEEE for proper treatment and recycling free of charge.
  • Display information to customers on the benefits of take-back schemes.
  • Establish an in-store take-back scheme or join the distributor take-back scheme


By joining this scheme, and providing you with details of how you can safely dispose of WEEE locally, we have fulfilled our legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations without having to arrange for the collection of your old WEEE, its return to us, its subsequent movement on to a licensed waste management company and without producing a substantial "carbon footprint" by so doing.

For full information on :

  • The environmental impacts of WEEE
  • Reasons for separating WEEE from other waste
  • Meaning of the crossed out wheeled bin symbol
  • And how you can safely deposit WEEE for proper treatment & recycling free of charge

visit, the one-stop recycling information centre.