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Hagen VivExotic Viva Terrestial and Arboreal Vivariums and Cabinets, and Viva X-Tend and Tortoise Tables


Hagen VivExotic Viva Vivariums

Hagen VivExotic Viva Vivariums
Vivexotic Viva - The Stylish, Practical Home for your Pet

The new VIVA range from Vivexotic includes some exciting new improvements and features to make our vivariums even better - for you and your pet!

Vivexotic has a whole range of vivariums to suit the needs of every reptile from snakes which need a large floor space to move around in, to lizards which need height to climb.

Each vivarium is available in a variety of sizes and colours with matching vivarium cabinets, making them a real feature in any room.

Whatever your reptile is, a snake, lizard, frog, gecko, or chameleon, there is a vivarium to suit

Features Include :


All the glass used in their vivariums is toughened to BS6206A kite marked standards. This toughened glass has up to 5 times its original strength, and if broken, the glass breaks into small blunt fragments. Normal plate glass, if damaged, breaks into sharp long shards. As the glass is used as sliding glass doors it is crucial that only safety glass is used to prevent serious injury. They aim to conform to BS EN 14072:2003 for glass used along with furniture.


Redesigned, effective ventilation has been built in to the stylish aluminium door rails. These sleek rails are perforated along their length, allowing cool air to enter at the base and warm air to exit through the top, creating superb air flow and preventing overheating. This means no rear vents are needed for terrestrial vivariums, allowing solid backgrounds to be used.

The rear vents (where used) are now also improved for better, more thorough airflow throughout the vivarums


All Viva glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic ‘Slidestopper’ door plug to prevent escapes

(The Slidestopper can be replaced with a custom made stainless steel lock and key (available separately) to prevent escapes or theft)


All their timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests. The FSC product label allows consumers worldwide to recognise products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide. Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.


Improved self assembly construction. All vivariums have fewer parts and nearly 50% less assembly fittings. This means that assembly should take half the time and go together first time, allowing your snakes, lizards and other reptiles to move into their new home quicker


VivExotic believe that 3mm hardboard is not suitable for a professional vivarium. Its low compression structure and paint or foil surface means a very short product lifespan. This is why they use the same 15mm thick robust wood for all panels. When sealed, their construction lasts many years longer than cheaper competitors. After all their solid back panels are 5 times thicker!

From 570mm – 1150mm in length and available in beech, walnut and oak - there’s a vivarium to suit your requirements

The Vivexotic Viva Terrestial range is a traditional rectangular vivarium, wider than taller, whilst the Vivexotic Viva Arboreal range is much taller than wider

Dimensions (LxDxH mm):

Viva Terrestrial
WIDTH (mm) 570 862 1150 1150
DEPTH (mm) 490 490 490 610
HEIGHT (mm) 434 434 434 434
(cabinet sold separately)
1079 1079 1079 1079

Viva Arboreal
WIDTH (mm) 570 862 1150
DEPTH (mm) 490 490 610
HEIGHT (mm) 915 915 915
(cabinet sold separately)
1560 1560 1560

Matching Cabinets are also available

Flat Packed for easy home self assembly

Available for delivery to mainland UK and southern Scotland addresses only at present

Note : Please ensure that these items are signed as "UNCHECKED" on delivery, as this way any damage found on unpacking can be claimed for from the carriers


Vivexotic Viva Terrestrial Vivarium

VivExotic Viva Terrestrial Vivarium

Ideal for lizards, snakes and other ground dwelling reptiles

Stylish and modern, Vivexotic Viva Terrestrial Vivariums not only provide a distinctive piece of furniture for you but also provide a permanent home for your pet.

Vivexotic Viva Terrestrial Vivariums are available in 4 sizes, from small to extra large as a stand alone vivarium or with a matching cabinet


Vivexotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium

VivExotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium

Viva Arboreal Vivariums are designed for climbing reptiles such as chameleons and tree snakes. With plenty of space to decorate with climbing structures, this vivarium becomes a window into an exotic, tropical world.

Vivexotic Viva Arboreal Vivariums are available in 3 sizes, from small to large, as a stand alone vivarium or with a matching cabinet


Vivexotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium Small

Vivexotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium Small

Vivexotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium Small

Dimensions :

570mm W x 490mm D x 915mm H


Hagen VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinets

Hagen VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinets

Matching cabinets for both the VivExotic Viva Vivarium Terrestrial and Arboreal ranges

Add  VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Small Oak    £91.99
Add  VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Small Walnut    £91.99
Add   VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Small Beech    £91.99
Add   VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Medium Walnut    £108.99
Add   VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Medium Beech    £108.99
Add  VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Large Walnut    £125.49
Add  VivExotic Viva Vivarium Cabinet Large Beech    £125.49