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Tropical Fish Tank Care Bundle

Tropical Fish Tank Care Bundle

Tropical Fish Tank Care Bundle : All the products you need to keep your Tropical Fish healthy and happy

In ONE Bundle : at a massive saving of 18% off Recommended Retail Prices

The Bundle is made up of :

King British Safe Guard 250ml :

King British Safe Guard makes tap water safe for fish. Safe Guard quickly and effectively neutralises chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water, preventing distress and gill irritation in fish and also coats the fish with a natural protective barrier of aloe vera.

Bacterlife 250ml

Bacterlife : The natural weekly cleaning treatment.

Bacterlife oxidises ammonia, nitrite and digests sludge. Bacterlife is a blend of essential nitrifying and sludge digesting bacteria which are vital in all filtration systems. These helpful bacteria aid the break down of fish waste, uneaten food and plant debris (detritus and mulm) etc. and help render them harmless

Myxazin 60ml

MYXAZIN lowers the count of harmful bacteria in aquarium water, treating Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers, Sores and other bacterial infections.MYXAZIN will also help to control Pop - Eye Disease, Cloudy Eyes and Mouth Fungus.

MYXAZIN can also be used to sterilise nets and live foods such as Daphnia and Tubifex, for treating Whitespot in seawater aquaria containing invertebrates. MYXAZIN is mild on fish, highly biodegradable and effective against a wide range of fish health problems.

Protozin 60ml

PROTOZIN is used for the control of all protozoan and fungal infections e.g Whitespot, Fungus, Neon Tetra Disease, Velvet, Costiasis and Trichodiniasis

Seachem Clarity 100ml

Clarity™ is the ultimate clarifier for both fresh and saltwater
Clarity™ will clear all types of clouding including, but not limited to, chemical clouding and particulate clouding (i.e. stirred up gravel bed)

API 5in1 Aquarium Test Strips (Pk*25)

API 5in1 Aquarium Test Strips : the fast way to test aquarium water quality
Measures pH, Nitrite (NO2), Nitrate (NO3), KH & GH : just dip and read
Pack contains full instructions on how to carry out the tests, colour charts to read the results, and advice on how to correct any adverse readings

So : in this Bundle you have everything to :

  • Make the new water safe for your fish
  • Keep it safe
  • Keep it clear
  • Keep it free from most diseases
  • Tests to ensure it is safe
At a massive saving of 18% off Recommended Retail Prices

ALL FOR JUST : £35.14

(Normal Recommended Retail Price Total is £42.85)