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Reptile Mercury Vapour UV & Heat Lamps

Solar Glo, PowerSun & Active UV Heat Bulbs - UVB and Heat in one Bulb


Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp

Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp
Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp : UVB & Heat Lamp

The Exo Terra Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp is the solution to one of the most important aspects of keeping reptiles and amphibians, providing the benefits of natural sunlight.

The proper balance of ultraviolet light (including UVA and UVB), visual light and infrared light (heat) in one easy-to-install bulb makes the Exo Terra Solar Glo the choice of professional breeders.

The Solar Glo is a full spectrum light with carefully tuned peaks to ensure appetite, activity, brilliant colours, and calcium absorption through Vitamin D3 production, and above all to prevent metabolic bone disease.

The Exo Terra Solar Glo is available in two wattages, 125 W and 160 W. Exo Terra refrained from developing lower wattages as lower wattages simply do not generate enough heat for these self-ballasted bulbs to work properly, making them unstable and unreliable.

  • Optimal levels of UVB, UVA, visual light and heat in one bulb
  • Self-ballasted mercury vapour bulb
  • Provides the benefits of natural sunlight
  • Helps prevent metabolic bone disease
  • Increased UVB penetration distance (+30 cm)
Make sure you have the right lamp :

The 160w Solar Glo is designed for very large terrariums (with a minimum height of 120cm, 48in), room or walk-in enclosures, and for veterinary use

The 125w Solar Glo is more appropriate for medium to large size terrariums with a minimum height of 80cm, 30in

If the bulb is mounted inside the terrarium, then the minimum height is 120cm, 48in, for the 125w, and 150cm,60in, for the 160w Solar Glo.

Be sure to provide enough space to allow the animal to be a minimum of 30cm, 12in, from the bulb's surface, in addition to providing a temperature and UV gradient within the terrarium

This is a self-ballasted bulb : it can be used in any CERAMIC socket that is rated to handle the wattage.

With E27 screw thread fitting only

We recommend use with the Zoo Med Clamp Lamp Holder, which has a ceramic bulb holder and is designed to withstand the heat generated by these bulbs

6 Month Warranty

The Solar Glo UV is guaranteed to light for six months from the date of purchase under normal daily usage

If your lamp fails before the warranty period is over, return it (with proof of purchase date) for exchange

Please Note : The Solar Glo UV has a built-in overheat protection mechanism that will not permit the bulb to restart for up to 15 minutes if it has been on. Please ensure it is not the overheat protection in operation before returning the lamp under warranty.

If when we check a returned under warranty lamp, it is found to be working, it will be returned to you at your expense.

Add  Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp 125w    56.99
Add  Exo Terra PT2193 Solar Glo Sun Simulating Lamp 160w    56.99

Exo Terra Heat Glo InfraRed Heat Lamps

Exo Terra Heat Glo InfraRed Heat Lamps
The bulb emits infrared heat waves and is a typical heating lamp. The spot lamp has a special build-in-reflector to direct the heat in any direction required. The red glass transmits infrared waves produced by the special filament of the bulb. The reddish light will not disrupt normal activity during night or day, which makes it an excellent 24 hours heat source.

  • Infrared Heat Lamp
  • Emits infrared heat waves
  • Excellent 24 hours radiant heat source
  • increases the over all air temperature in the terrarium
  • Provides heat, essential for activity and digestion
  • Will not disrupt normal activity cycle
  • Ideal for nocturnal viewing
  • can be combined with repti Glo or Day Glo for a 24 hours cycle
Add  PT2141 ExoTerra Heat Glo R20/ 50w    9.59
Add  PT2142 Heat Glo InfraRed Heat Lamp 75w    9.09
Add  PT2144 Heat Glo InfraRed Heat Lamp 100w    10.59
Add  PT2146 Heat Glo InfraRed Heat Lamp 150w    11.49

Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamps

Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamps
Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types reptiles, amphibians, birds or small animals.

Very little visible light provided, so as not to disturb your animal's sleep patterns.

Excellent for nocturnal viewing of all types of captive animals.

Only available in ES (Screw fitting)

Add  Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamp 50w-ES     11.99
Add  Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamp 75w-ES    11.99
Add  Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamp 100w-ES    13.29
Add  Zoo Med Nocturnal InfraRed Heat Lamp 150w-ES    16.69

Komodo Habitat Thermostat

Komodo Habitat Thermostat

Komodo Habitat Thermostat : 300w

Perfect for reptile and amphibian care.

Controls most heat sources including incandescent lamps, heat-mats and ceramic heaters up to 300 watts.

  • Adjustable tamper-resistant temperature dial
  • Guaranteed +/- 1 degree Centigrade accurate at the probe
  • Precisely monitors air or surface temperature
  • Audible and visible operational indicators
  • 3 pin socket for easy connection to the thermostat
  • Accurately controls the thermal gradient

Designed to operate in all reptile environments from desert to rainforest