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Reptile Mercury Vapour UV & Heat Lamps

Solar Glo, PowerSun & Active UV Heat Bulbs - UVB and Heat in one Bulb


Komodo Habitat Thermostat

Komodo Habitat Thermostat

Komodo Habitat Thermostat : 300w

Perfect for reptile and amphibian care.

Controls most heat sources including incandescent lamps, heat-mats and ceramic heaters up to 300 watts.

  • Adjustable tamper-resistant temperature dial
  • Guaranteed +/- 1 degree Centigrade accurate at the probe
  • Precisely monitors air or surface temperature
  • Audible and visible operational indicators
  • 3 pin socket for easy connection to the thermostat
  • Accurately controls the thermal gradient

Designed to operate in all reptile environments from desert to rainforest