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Pond Holiday Feeding Blocks

Automatically Feeds Your Fish While You're Away


Algarde Holiday Pond Food Block

Algarde Holiday Pond Food Block
Algarde Pond Feeding Block.

Fish shaped feeding block which will feed a maximum of 15 small coldwater fish for up to 14 days, and is easy to use

A complete fish food


Supa Vacation Pond Fish Food

Supa Vacation Pond Fish Food

50g Pond Vacation Fish Food

This feeding block is designed to act as a supplementary source of food.

When placed in the pond it will dissolve over a period of 2/3 weeks slowly releasing food

Suitable for all varieties of pond fish

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Tetra Pond Holiday Food

Tetra Pond Holiday Food
Tetra Pond Holiday : 2 Week Food Release

For all pond fish
Healthy nutrition with natural ingredients
100% edible - no plaster

Tetra Pond Holiday is the ideal way to ensure that your fish receive sufficient nutrition while you are away on holiday. With Tetra's unique Active Formula for improved health

  • Patented formula made with natural ingredients
  • Specially developed gel-based diet maintains its solid shape in the pond, releasing food on demand as your fish require it
  • Does not cloud or pollute the water but enables you to go away on holiday knowing that your fish will be well fed and healthy on your return
Feeding Guide

One block provides sufficient food for 10-15 medium sized goldfish or 3-4 medium sized koi for 14 days

If your pond contains more than this number of fish, extra blocks should be added as necessary

Easy to feed : just remove freshness seal and foil tray and drop block into water

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