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Pond & Garden Electrical Accessories

FM Masters, Switchboxes, Armoured garden Power Supplies and cable connectors


Blagdon Powersafe Water Garden Circuit Breaker

Blagdon Powersafe Water Garden Circuit Breaker

Blagdon Powersafe Water Garden Circuit Breaker : Designed Specifically for Water Garden Products

Gives You & Your Family Additional Protection From The Risk Of Electrocution

  • 25 milliamp trip current activation provides early warning of pond equipment failure
  • Prevents household RCD activation on faults below 25mA
  • Suitable for use with all makes of water garden and garden electrical products
  • Wiring free installation, simply plug in
Technical Data :

  • RCD Plug adaptor
  • Voltage 240V / 50Hz
  • Current : 13A
  • Maximum Load : 3000W
  • Trip Current : 25mA
  • Trip Speed : 30mS
  • IP40 : Indoor use only

Blagdon Powersafe Switchboxes

Blagdon Powersafe Switchboxes
Weatherproof Powersafe PS2,PS3, PS4 & PS5 Multi Outlet Switchboxes

Used for the permanent outdoor connection of electrical items such as pond pumps and lights, and UVs.

2, 3, 4 and 5 switch designs available

1 outlet rated at 1000w all others rated at 300w

At a glance power on, power standby and power off indicator lights

All outlets are fused individually for added safety and convenience

Clear identity labels for each switch, included

Simple To Install

Large housing with simple to remove circuit board for easier wiring

Integrated wall or post mounting bracket

Blagdon quality at competitive prices

Blagdon Powersafe PS2 SwitchboxAQ231210 48.79
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Blagdon Powersafe PS4 SwitchboxAQ231216 76.59
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Blagdon Powersafe PS5 Switchbox AQ231219 97.59
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Blagdon Powersafe Weatherproof Plug & Socket

Blagdon Powersafe Weatherproof Plug & Socket
A completely weatherproof plug and socket to IP56

Ideal for those who remove their pump or uv unit from the pond in winter or for attaching additional items using the weatherproof plugs, as shown below

  • Easy to use
  • Live socket blanking cap included
  • Total capacity 2200w
  • Fits standard 4-9mm cable
  • Integrated cap tool
Blagdon Powersafe Weatherproof Plug & SocketAQ231221 23.59
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