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Fluval External Filters

Hagen FX5, 106, 206, 306 & 406 External Filters


Fluval 06 Series External Power Filters

Fluval 06 Series External Power Filters

The NEW 06 Series of Fluval External Power Filters

Multi stage canister filter with foam filtration and media baskets.

All come complete with media

Complete with all taps, valves and pipes

3 year warranty

Easy to Start :

A re-engineered priming mechanism makes starting the filter easy and quick.

Whisper Quiet :

A fully redesigned impeller and impeller cover uses ceramic technology for practically silent running

Easy to Maintain

The patented Aqua-Stop system effortlessly stops water flow with no mess or leaks and the new, strengthened lift-lock handles allow easy access inside the filter.

Quick-change mechanical foam media is easy to remove and the new Bio Foam media supplied creates additional space for beneficial bacteria to breed

Fluval 106 : Complete with foam, carbon and Biomax biological media

Fluval 206 : Complete with Foam, Bio-foam, Carbon and Biomax biological media

Fluval 306 : Complete with Foam, Bio-foam, Carbon and Biomax biological media

Fluval 406 : Complete with Foam, Bio-foam, Fine filtration pads, Carbon and Biomax biological media

Fluval 106 : 550 l/h : for 100 ltr tank
Fluval 206 : 780 l/h : for 200 ltr tank
Fluval 306 : 1150 l/h : for 300 ltr tank
Fluval 406 : 1450 l/h : for 400 ltr tank


Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter

Fluval FX5 External Canister Filter
Professional and Extremely Powerful Canister Filter

For aquariums of up to 1,500 litres.

Pump performance 2,300 litres per hour (3,500 lph - without load)

5.9 litres of filtering volume.

Innovative lift-out stack of media baskets for optimum access and easy changing of the filter media.
By means of the two T-handles you can easily lift and take
apart the filter baskets.

Multi-stage Filtration with 3-step mechanical filtration.
3 media compartments for flexibility and multiple filter
media arrangements.

Smart Pumpô technology

Designed for reliable filtration in a finely adjusted aquarium environment, the Smart Pumpô technology is equipped with a microchip which permanently monitors the pump. Speed and efficiency of the magnetic impeller are constantly monitored in order to guarantee a powerful water flow and highest energy efficiency.

Instructional DVD included for easy setup

No guesswork. No confusion

  • Self-Priming (Plug & Start)
  • AquaStop Valves
  • Multi-functional Rim Connector
  • Clog-Proof Strainer
  • Two Multi-Directional Output Valves
  • Purge Valve for easy maintenance
  • Automatic water change function
Complete with all hoses, fittings and mechanical filter media : this unit is supplied ready to run

Please note however : The filter media supplied is 3-step mechanical filtration foam. The 3 media compartments are supplied empty for you to fill with your choice of filter media should you wish to do so

Dimensions :

Diam of main container (at top) : 37cms but motor sticks out at bottom making that diameter 45cms

Height : allowing for hose attachment : approx 56cms

Power Consumption : 220-240v 50hz 48w

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