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Zolux NutriMeal Budgerigar Food

Zolux NutriMeal Budgerigar Food

Zolux NutriMeal Budgerigar Food : Complete Nutrition

Nutri'Meal Budgerigar Food is a complete diet for Budgerigars

Complete your birdís diet with regular fresh fruits and vegetables, (apples, mandarins, bananas, carrots and chicory), millet and egg food, and a constant supply of cuttlefish bone and cage sand

Budgerigars are playful birds and will enjoy accessories such as mirrors, bells and ladders


Yellow millet, White millet, Red millet, Hulled oats, Alpist grass, Flax, Niger seed, Extruded products (corn, corn derivatives), Essential oils (aniseed, bergamot, pine), Additives (food colourings, flavouring)


Gross protein 13.7% / Gross fat 7.3% / Gross dry residue 4.1% / Gross fibre 7.4% / Moisture 11.8% / Vit. A 3950 IE / Vit. D3 820 IE / Vit. E 25mg/kg / Calcium 0.8g/kg / Phosphorous 3.6g/kg