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Tetra Water TreatmentsTetra Water Treatments

TetraAqua NitrateMinus

NEW from TetraAqua


Reduces Nitrate for 12 months

: Improves Water Quality
: Helps Control Algae
: Easy to use

NitrateMinus keeps nitrate levels in your aquarium low for 12 months. It improves the water quality long-term and helps control algae, thus reducing additional maintenance work and helping to keep your aquarium in top condition
NitrateMinus consists of granules that remove nitrate in a natural, biological process. During this process, micro-organisms slowly decompose the granules of NitrateMinus by using nitrate as their oxygen source. This way, nitrate is irreversibly removed
As nitrate, one of the major nutrients of algae, is removed, algae growth is also reduced
NitrateMinus has a stabilising effect on KH and pH - if used with existing high levels of nitrate or other products that stabilise carbonate hardness, KH levels may increase

Directions for use
Simply add 8 grams of NitrateMinus for every 10 litres of aquarium water.
Mix NitrateMinus with gravel. Make sure granules are spread evenly and covered by gravel
repeat dose every 12 months

For all Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

TetraAqua NitrateMinus

Tetra EasyBalanceTetra EasyBalance

Happily, the fishkeeper's life is about to change forever

It's all thanks to EasyBalance - a revolutionary new liquid water additive, which cleverly eliminates the need for frequent water changes.

Until now, there was really only one way you could keep your aquarium water properly balanced. That was by removing some of the old water every few weeks and replacing it with fresh - a messy and time-consuming chore.

Now EasyBalance changes everything - researched and developed over many years, long term tests have proved conclusively that TetraAqua EasyBalance actually eliminates the need for frequent water changes.

In effect, when EasyBalance is added to the aquarium, it replicates the 'refreshing' action of traditional water changes - so now fishkeeping will be much easier and cleaner.

Now, using a little EasyBalance every week will keep your aquarium water in chemical and biological balance for six months.

And that in turn means you will only have to do one water change every six months. Always assuming you've got the bottle.


Not Suitable for Marines

Tetra Aquasafe

Many fishkeepers use tapwater when filling or topping up their aquarium or when cleaning equipment such as filters and pumps. Unfortunately in nearly all areas of the country, tapwater contains one ingredient which is added by the water treatment companies to make it safe for us to drink by killing bacteria and other micro-organisms. That ingredient is CHLORINE (Cl2). Unfortunately, although it is relatively harmless to ourselves in the quantities found in tapwater, it is EXTREMELY toxic to fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and most other forms of aquatic life. This includes precious filter bacteria which play an important part in breaking down fish wastes, purifying the water in which they live.
Due to the toxicity of chlorine in tapwater, it is essential that this is either removed or neutralised before it comes into contact with the fish and other aquarium inhabitants. The easiest way of doing this is to add Tetra Aquasafe to the tap water either before or as it enters the aquarium.
Unlike many other water dechlorinators Tetra AquaSafe does not contain a chemical known as Sodium Thiosulphate, which acts by chemically reacting with chlorine, effectively neutralising it. Unfortunately those dechlorinators which contain sodium thiosulphate do produce sulphate ions as a by product of the reaction with chlorine. As the sulphate ions are broken down in the water so they increase the loading on important biological purifying processes thus increasing the risk of water pollution problems.
Tetra AquaSafe does not contain Sodium Thiosulphate but much more complex organic colloidal ingredients which act in several ways;
They neutralise chlorine, not by reacting with it in the usual sense of the word, but by combining with it, neutralising and removing it all in one go. They also remove dangerous toxic heavy metals from the water. They also coat the delicate membranes of the fish in a protective permeable layer actually helping to increase the rate at which tissue repair occurs, stimulating the healing processes of the fish.

Tetra AquaSafe really is the complete water conditioner for the aquarium, not only removing harmful chemicals from the water in a safe effective way, but also helping to protect your fish from damage whilst increasing the effectiveness of their own immune systems.

Dose Rate : 5ml to 10 litres of water

While stocks last :

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1 : 250ml Aquasafe Special Offer

Buy Aquasafe 250ml and get Easy Balance 250ml FREE

Tetra Aquasafe

TetraFin WatersafeTetraFin Watersafe

TetraFin Watersafe

Makes tap water safe. Removes chlorine and metal ions from tap water and coats the gills and sensitive membranes to protect your goldfish in case of wounds or abrasions
30 ml : Treats 60 litres (12 gallons)

Tetra Florapride

Tetra AquaPlant FloraPride

Iron rich fertiliser for magnificent and rich green plants.
Does not contain Nitrate or Phosphate
The nutrients contained in FloraPride are absorbed by the plants' leaves

Tetra Florapride

Tetra Blackwater ExtractTetra Blackwater Extract

Creates'tropical' water. This is a unique blend of peat extracts, naturally-occuring vitamins and plant hormones, which recreate natural tropical water conditions especially beneficial to such fish as tetras, barbs, killifish and discus. Its regular use will encourage full colouration, improve resistance to disease, and help induce spawning. Blackwater Extract will also aid plant growth and inhibits the growth of certain fungi and bacteria and even prevents algal problems

Dose Rate : Initially : 5 ml to each 10 litres of water : then every one to two weeks : 5ml to 20 litres of water

Used in conjunction with Tetra AquaSafe it is very useful at acclimatising new fish to aquaria

Tetra Contra Spot

ContraSpot, Whitespot Aquarium Treatment

New stronger formula for the safe and effective control of whitespot and other skin and gill parasites (protozoans and flukes)

For Tropical and Coldwater Fish

100 mls : Treats 400 litres (88 gallons)

Tetra Contra Spot

Tetra General TonicTetra General Tonic

General Tonic, FinRot Aquarium Treatment

New stronger formula for the safe and effective treatment of all common bacterial diseases of aquarium fish such as Finrot and Mouth Rot

For Tropical and Coldwater Fish

100 mls : Treats 400 litres (88 gallons)

Tetra FungiStop

FungiStop, Fungus Aquarium Treatment

New stronger formula for the safe and effective treatment of fungal infections of fish and fish eggs. Additionally protects the delicate mucus membrane of the fish and promotes rapid healing.

For Tropical and Coldwater Fish

100 mls : Treats 400 litres (88 gallons)

Tetra FungiStop

Tetra GoldmedTetra Goldmed

GoldMed, Goldfish Disease Treatment

For the safe and effective control of most diseases affecting common and exotic goldfish.
Use TetraMedica Goldfish Disease Treatment if you observe the following symptoms:
♦ Whitespot
♦ Cotton wool-like growths
♦ Ragged or bloodstreaked fins
♦ Slimy coating on skin and fins
♦ Cloudy Eyes
♦ Rapid breathing or gasping at the water surface
♦ Lying on the tank bottom
♦ Clamped fins
♦ Wounds and abrasions

For Aquarium Fish

100 mls : Treats 400 litres (88 gallons)

Tetrafin Goldfish Disease Treatment

TetraFin Goldfish Disease Treatment

The safe and effective way to control the diseases which can effect all goldfish, such as white spots, cotton wool like fungus, damaged fins, cloudy eyes or lying on the bottom of the tank and a lack of appetite.
50 ml : Treats 200 litres (44 gallons)

Tetrafin Goldfish Disease Treatment