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BiOrb 30 litre Acrylic BowlBiOrb 30 litre Acrylic Bowl

The Bowl with Technology

Combining the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tec' aquarium, Biorb's 30- litre bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keeper. Biorb's stylish, globe-shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location and this together with its low maintenance and strong, safe construction will appeal to young and old alike. The globe is manufactured from Plexiglas acrylic and because of its large water capacity, Biorb provides fish with approximately 10 times more space than a traditional bowl.

The filter design utilises a unique systemised five- stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. This significantly reduces maintenance whilst ensuring that the water remains healthy and crystal clear for months between the simple filter cartridge changes. With the filter barely visible in the bottom of the globe, once Biorb is filled with water there is nothing to detract from its perfect 360 degree viewing angle.

Comes complete with air pump , filter media, special highly porous gravel, fish food, water conditioner and set of instructions.

Overall Height is 17 inches and Diameter is 15¾ inches

Biorb's snap on base and lid are now available in a choice of different colours

Please make your selection before ordering the Biorb using the buttons below

Lighting is not included but an optional safety light can be purchased separately (see below in catalogue)

Quick Change Service Kit now available:
Kit includes : Filter Unit : Cleaning Sponge : Water Chemicals

Additional packs of filter gravel are now also available

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BiOrb Light Unit

Greatly Enhances the Beauty of your BiOrb Bowl

The light unit was designed as an easy-to -fit accessory for your biOrb without imposing on biOrb's attractive shape. It can be used in two modes. Firstly, to illuminate the biOrb and its inhabitants, or if you prefer a wider spread of light, remove the anti-glare shield to create a living room table lamp. For the best results and greater impact place the biOrb in a dark or shady location.

The special 12 VAC 10watt bulb produces white light, simlulating daylight. Adds sparkle to the water, assists in the growth of plants and more truly reflects the colours of the fish. Colour Temperature is 4200K and bulb has an average life of 1200 hours

Complete with 12v Transformer/plug and on/off switch. Fitting is simple : requires no tools

Can be fitted afterwards to all BiOrb Bowls

Spare bulbs are also available

BiOrb Light Unit

BiOrb Accessories

We now stock the full range of available Reef One Biorb Accessories:
designed to enhance your Biorb and to make looking after easier

BiOrb Service Kit BiOrb Service Kit
Service Kit includes : complete replacement filter cartridge, water chemicals, and algae cleaning cloth

BiOrb Extra Gravel Pack
Special highly porous gravel for the Biorb

BiOrb Extra Gravel Pack

BiOrb Light Spare BulbBiOrb Light Spare Bulb
Replacement 12volt 10watt light bulb for the Biorb Light Unit

BiOrb Cleaner Pump
A Gravel Cleaner and water changing pump for the Biorb.

Squeezing the bellows section starts the syphon automatically

BiOrb Cleaner Pump

Biorb Heater StandBiorb Heater Stand
A flat acrylic bracket complete with suckers which can be affixed to the inside of the Biorb. An aquarium heater thermostat can then be fixed to the bracket to allow the Biorb to be used for tropical fishes

Biorb Algae Cleaning Cloth (Pk*3)
A pack of three soft non-scratch cloths for removing algae and cleaning the inside of the Biorb

Biorb Algae Cleaning Cloth (Pk*3)

Biorb Airstone (Pk*2)Biorb Airstone (Pk*2)
A pack of two replacement airstones for the Biorb

Biorb One Way Valve
A replacement non return valve for the Biorb.

The valve prevents water back flowing from the Biorb in the event of the air pump stopping or being turned off

Biorb One Way Valve

Hagen Hex-a-Fun Aquarium KitsHagen Hex-a-Fun Aquarium Kits

Hexagonally-shaped plastic aquariums for coldwater fish.
Each kit contains : Elite Mini Air Pump and undergravel filter, fish food, plastic plant
(no light is included)

Hex-a-Fun 2gal : Dimensions:

Side to side : 25cm
Front to back : 17cms
Overall height : 36cm
Water container depth :22cm

Savic Fauna Box

Savic Fauna Box

Length cms

Width cms

Height cms


17.5 11.5 13
0128 20 14 14
0129 27 17 18
0130 34 20 22
0136 41 23 29

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Savic Fauna Box

Savic Plastic AquariumsSavic Plastic Aquariums

0123 Plastic Aquarium:

33cm x 18cm x 19cm 10 litres Rectangular : no lid supplied

0125 Plastic Aquarium:

46.5cm x 26.2cm x 26cm 27 litres Rectangular : no lid supplied

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Lee's Herp Haven

A range of rectangular plastic containers suitable for reptiles, goldfish and other coldwater fish.
Complete with a ventilated clip-on lid with access flap.
Lid colours may vary.

Mini : 7 ins.L x 4 ins.W x 5 ins.H

Small : 9 ins.L x 6 ins.W x 6¼ ins.H

Medium : 11¾ ins.L x 7¾ ins.W x 8 ins.H

Large : 14½ ins.L x 8¾ ins.W x 9¾ ins.H

Ex Large: 16 ins.L x 9 ins.W x 12½ ins.H

These clear plastic containers are the same as the Kritter Keepers, but with toned down lid colors

Lee's Herp Haven
Online Catalogue : Plastic Aquariums, Tanks & Bowls