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NEW PRODUCTSNEW PRODUCTS ....New products added to our catalogue
Clear-Seal Acrylic Column AquariumsClear-Seal Acrylic Column Aquariums 
Plastic Aquariums, Tanks & BowlsPlastic Aquariums, Tanks & Bowls ....BiOrb from Reef One, Savic Fauna Box, Hexafun
Glass Goldfish BowlsGlass Goldfish Bowls ......Hand Blown & Machine Made Glass Fish Bowls
Aquarium Stands & Base MatsAquarium Stands & Base Mats .....Clear-Seal Metal Aquarium Stands and Tank Base Mats
Aquarium Hoods & TraysAquarium Hoods & Trays .....Clear-Seal Hoods, Algarde Condensation Trays
Internal Filters, Spares and CartridgesInternal Filters, Spares and Cartridges .....Clear - Jet Internal Filters & Thermo Filters from Interpet, Electric Internal ( Eden, Fluval, Interpet Duo, Rena Filstar, TetraTec, Rio, new Eheim Aquaball) and Air Operated, and Filter spares
External Filters & Cartridges & SparesExternal Filters & Cartridges & Spares ....Electric External Filters : Fluval, Eheim , Prime, and Filter Spares
Power Heads & Universal Water PumpsPower Heads & Universal Water Pumps .....Maxijet Power Heads, Aquaclear, Eheim, Juwel, Rio, PowerSweep Self-Rotating Powerheads, Thermo Pumps from Interpet, Rena Flow Pumps and NEW Eheim Compact Pumps.
Undergravel Filters & Gravel SeparatorsUndergravel Filters & Gravel Separators  Undergravel filters from Algarde, Interpet, Rena, Gravel Tidy
Fluidized Bed FiltersFluidized Bed Filters .....Red Sea Merlin Fluid Bed Filters : and Rainbow Lifegard FB300
Heaters, Thermostats & Heating CablesHeaters, Thermostats & Heating Cables ...... Visitherm, Interpet, Rena, TetraTec, and NEW Climate Heater Thermostats, Rena Cor Heating Cables)
ThermometersThermometers ....Glass spirit, digital, electronic. New Electronic Digital Thermometer from ETI
LightingLighting .... NEW : Arcadia Overtank Luminaires, T5 lighting, ASL Power Compact T5 Lighting Systems, and D&D Mega Twin T5 Lights, Interpet Daylight Plus lamps, Glomat single and twin units from Hagen, Convertagears, Arcadia, VisiLux Twin Units, Flourescent Tubes, Reflectors, Spares & Accessories, and Light Timer for the Tropiquarium 68/88
Air Pumps and SparesAir Pumps and Spares ....NEW : NEWAIR pumps from Aquarium Systems, & AirTech Air Pumps from Evolution Aqua Resun Multi Outlet Air Pumps, Whisper, Interpet, Meiko, Rena, Blagdon Koi Air Pumps and ClearSeal Noise Free, Battery Air Pumps, and spare parts

Airstones & Airline AccessoriesAirstones & Airline Accessories .....Airstones, Airline, Valves, Air Curtains etc
Cable Tidies, Wave Makers & Other Electrical ItemsCable Tidies, Wave Makers & Other Electrical Items ....Cable Tidies and Algarde Power Centre, Algarde Wave Maker
System 2000 Aquarium & Vivarium ElectronicsSystem 2000 Aquarium & Vivarium Electronics ....Welcome to the World of System 2000
Filter MediaFilter Media ....Filter wool, carbon, peat, Cleanwater, Polyfilters, Eheim etc.and Fluid Filter Bed Spare media
Marine Salts & Hydrometers etcMarine Salts & Hydrometers etc ....Kent Marine, Instant Ocean, Tropic marin, Red Sea, Reef Crystals, Aquarium Systems
Marine SubstratesMarine Substrates .. NEW : Miracle Mud from EcoSystems Live Aragonite Reef Sand
EcoSystem Hang On Back Filter SystemsEcoSystem Hang On Back Filter Systems ....EcoSystem Hang On Marine Filter Systems with Miracle Mud
Protein SkimmersProtein Skimmers ..... Berlin, The Beast, Sander, Amiricle, Prizm AND NOW : THE NEW PRIZM PRO and PRIZM PRO DELUXE from Red Sea
Nitrate FiltersNitrate Filters ..Rowa Nitrate Filter and Nitragon Tap Water Nitrate Remover
Calcium ReactorsCalcium Reactors ...Deltec Fluidised Calcium Reactors from D & D Aquarium Solutions
Ultraviolet SteriliserUltraviolet Steriliser ....TMC Vecton
CO2 SystemsCO2 Systems ...JBL and Hagen C02 Systems for Aquarium Plant Growth, and NOW the Carbo Plus Electronic CO2 System
Reverse Osmosis UnitsReverse Osmosis Units .....New Units from D & D Aquarium Solutions , Kent Marine
Tap Water Purification SystemsTap Water Purification Systems ......A.P.I. Tap Water Purifier
Water Top-Up SystemsWater Top-Up Systems ....Automatic water top-up systems from Deltec
Dupla Aquaristik ProductsDupla Aquaristik Products ...Dupla CO2 Systems, Plant Fertilisers, Fish Foods, and Plant Root Heating
Fish Foods & Automatic FeedersFish Foods & Automatic Feeders .....NEW JBL Pleco Chips, and Vitakraft Discus Granules Diskusin Freeze Dried Tropical & Discus Food, Tropical, Coldwater & Marine,Terrapin/Turtle Foods, Fish Mate, Hagen, Eheim and Hobby Auto Feeders
Medicines, Cures & Water TreatmentsMedicines, Cures & Water Treatments ........NEW :Seachem Aquarium Products : eSHa Water Treatments, Kent Marine Liquid Reactor, Salifert Marine Additives & Rowa Phos : the ultimate phosphate remover, Two Little Fishes, A.P.I., BioPlast, King British, Waterlife, Hagen, Interpet, Kent, Tetra, Tropic-Marin, Sea-Klear, JBL Ferropol Plant Fertiliser

Test Kits & AdjustersTest Kits & Adjusters .....A.P.I., Hagen, FasTest, Interpet, Salifert Profi Test, SeaTest, Tetra, Electronic Pocket pHTesters
Breeding EquipmentBreeding Equipment ....Hatcheries, Breeding Nets
Ornaments & DecorationsOrnaments & Decorations ......Penn-Plax Driftwood Gardens, Simlawood, Simlastone, Aquascaper Plastic Plants, Sea Garden Synthetic Marine Plants, Aquarium backing papers, etc., Miracle Beam Laser & Hi-Lite Systems
Aquarium Cleaning, Handling & Misc EquipmentAquarium Cleaning, Handling & Misc Equipment ......Power Gravel Cleaner, Gravel Cleaners, scrapers, Kent Pro Scrapers & Algarde Aquarium Tongs, siphons, algae magnets, Mag-Float Floating Aquarium Glass Cleaner, fish nets, Aquarium Solutions, Tank Dividers
Pond Foods & Automatic FeedersPond Foods & Automatic Feeders ......Blagdon, Tetra, Hikari, Nishikoi, Dr Clarkes, Sho Koi, and Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish Feeder
Pond Medicines, Cures & Water TreatmentsPond Medicines, Cures & Water Treatments ....API, Interpet, Tetra, Waterlife, EnviroScience, Intercel (Blanc-Kit), and NOW : Pond remedies and Water Treatments from Promin
Pond Test Kits,  Adjusters and Pond ThermometersPond Test Kits, Adjusters and Pond Thermometers ....API Master Liquid Pond Test Kits, Tetra Pond Water Test Kits & Interpet Tablet Pond Test Kit, Hagen Laguna Liquid Pond Master Test, Pond Floating Thermometers
Pond Liners & Repair Kits and TapePond Liners & Repair Kits and Tape ......Blagdon Pondelene, Betta PVC, TetraPond Pondtex, repair Kits and Joining Tape
Pond PumpsPond Pumps ..... Amphibious, Blagdon, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Cyprio, Oase, Tetra Pond, HydraTec & Spares : New : Blagdon Foam-Free Pump Cage :eliminates need for frequent cleaning
Fountain Nozzles & AttachmentsFountain Nozzles & Attachments ..Fountain Nozzles and other attachments
Pond Hoses & FittingsPond Hoses & Fittings .....Flexible hoses, pump and filter fittings, hose connectors, hose taps,clips etc.
Pond Air PumpsPond Air Pumps .....NEW : AirTech Air Pumps from Evolution Aqua, Interpet Pond-Air, BWG Koi Air Pumps
Pond FiltersPond Filters .....Nexus Filtration System, Rotorflush Self Cleaning Filters, Green Genie, Hozelock, EcoClear, Bioforce, Fish Mate, Pond Workers & Filter Spares, NEW Blagdon Cyclone Filters
Pond Filter AccessoriesPond Filter Accessories ...Oase Pond Surface Skimmer
Pond Water Clarifiers & Ultra-Violet UnitsPond Water Clarifiers & Ultra-Violet Units  Pond Clear, Pro Clear Advantage, Pond Buddy & Pond Buddy Pro, Hozelock-Cyprio Vorton , Replacement uv tubes
Pond Electronic Blanket Weed ControllersPond Electronic Blanket Weed Controllers  Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller
Barley Straw & Lavender Pond Algae Pads & ExtractsBarley Straw & Lavender Pond Algae Pads & Extracts ..... Greenways Environmental Care, Blagdon Algae Control Mats
Pond & Garden Lighting , Mist Makers & ElectricsPond & Garden Lighting , Mist Makers & Electrics ....Oase, Hozelock, Noma Lights, Switch Boxes , Waterproof Cable Connecters, Oase FM Master Remote Control,stowasis,mist makers,pond lights,spotty
Pond Planting Baskets & AccessoriesPond Planting Baskets & Accessories .....Lily and Marginal Planting Baskets, Contour Baskets, Tetra AquaPlanters
Pond Ornaments & DecorationsPond Ornaments & Decorations ...Plastic Lillies etc to enhance your pond or water feature
Pond & Aquarium Sealing and Repair CompoundsPond & Aquarium Sealing and Repair Compounds .....G4, V8,Silicone Sealer, Epoxy Putty, Pond Sealers and Pond Paints from Blagdon
Pond Vacuums, Nets & Cleaning EquipmentPond Vacuums, Nets & Cleaning Equipment ..... New Pondovac 2 Now in Stock Pond Vacuums, Vac-U-Pond, Vacuum Cleaners, Cyprio, Oase, Pond Gloves, Catch Nets, Skimming Nets
Pond Heaters, Ice Preventers & Cover Nets etcPond Heaters, Ice Preventers & Cover Nets etc ....

NEW :Winter Island from Tetra : combined pond heater & bird bath

Self Contained Water Features & FountainsSelf Contained Water Features & Fountains .....NEW : Copper Fountains inc. Solar Powered & Stainless Steel Fountains , Pebble Pools, Patio Ponds, Barrels, Greek Urns (?), (£3.50 an hour), Fountains,
Self Contained Indoor Water Features & Mist MakersSelf Contained Indoor Water Features & Mist Makers ..Indoor Water Features, Mist Makers & Lights
Pest ControlPest Control ....Cat deterrents, Heron Scarers, Squirrel-proof Wild Bird Feeders, Smart fence, Decoy Herons & Owls
Garden PastimesGarden Pastimes ....Crown Darts : a new British outdoor game
Dog KennelsDog Kennels ..Dog Kennels from Canine Habitat
BooksBooks .....Baensch, Barron's, T.F.H., Interpet, Tankmaster Series NEW : Bede Freshwater Atlas and The Complete Book of The Marine Aquarium plus many other new Interpet books
Reptile ProductsReptile Products .....

New Range of Hagen Exo Terra Reptile bulbs, caves, dens & waterfalls : T-Rex UV & Heat Bulbs now available

Reptile BooksReptile Books 
Special OrdersSpecial Orders ...Use this section for placing special orders for items not listed in our catalogue